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We love to develop sotware, that's our passion and we like to make it accesible for every one. We were touch by the idea of speech recognition software and with some current speech recognition api we provide as free, a voice to text add on for Google Docs, the first one developed for it, and thousands of users are using it. We baptized it as SoundWriter Speech Recognition for Google Docs. Feedbacks from all around the world encouraged us to continue making it better and more accesible. Now we're continue writing code for not just make this better, but develop it for others platforms.
Speech Recognition Language


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We provide products that bring value to users. That's our service and EFV-Solutions is dedicated to provide voice typing solutions.
Software Support
We bring a basic support via email and this website to help you. You can find here some answered questions related to our products, specially speech recognition voice to text software.
We passionate develop web applications and yes, we like to eat pizza and coffe at the same time. So bring apps that provides value to users is our goal.

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We have interesting articles related to our products that may interest you. So take a sneak peek at our blog. You have nothing to loose!
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