History first:

A long time ago… Elisardo was intrigued with the idea of voice to text software using Google Docs and after search for any add on… found nothing. So why not create one? And there was light and burned the first speech recognition for Google Docs add on available. Yeah, all by his own and some tools. Since then, he was alone and with no much time to continue. Then Greg joined and now is a team. It’s not too much history, we know, but that’s how all happened. Now we are a team of two developers to continue support the app, readings all the feedbacks, waiting for your donation to buy some time and sit back and start writing code, drink coffee and some pizza. For us, that’s passion and our goal is to create more, but more of something that bring value to you and specting that only. The value you can get.

The team: 

Elisardo Felix, Creator, idealist, developer, passionate, code eater with some coffee. A tech-geeck always learning something even sleeping. Teach some classes at university and a begining father. If you want contact me my email is: [email protected][email protected]


Gregory J Sosa, Developer, curious, crazy to help others and a dreamer who takes ideas to the reallity. Also an entrepreneur, ERP, SEO and Web design worker and a father of two beautiful childrens. Emails: [email protected], [email protected]