Speech Recognition Software for Medical Purporse.

Sometimes called as voice recognition transcription software is a software that analyzes the voice and uses it to fine-tune the recognition of the person’s speech. The person train this with the voice, resulting increased accuracy. There are two types of speech recognition software. Speaker independent and speaker dependent.

Meanwhile, SoundWriter speech recognition for Google Docs is independent. This speech recognition can be used for medical purpose. This is because it listens the words and type it as it listens depending only the language and region.

I read a couple of feedback about doctors that uses our software and I have to be honest; Is not perfect but they like the way it can handle the words and accuracy and it’s not necessary to go through the process of teach the software (speaker dependent). So, if you a doctor trying to find a voice transcription software for medical purpose? Try SoundWriter on google docs here and give us a feedback here. It’s free.