New Version of Speech Recognition SoundWriter for Google Docs is here.


This is the latest version of our speech recognition addon for Google Docs called SoundWriter. It is a speech recognition tool that you can use in your Google Docs by simply installing it in Chrome StoreHere is a gif that shows you how to install it and start using it.

  1. Go to “Add-ons” menu and click “Get add-ons”.

2. Next, start SoundWriter. Click again in “Add-ons” menu, then “Speech Recognition SoundWriter” then, “Start”.


3. The default language is English. However, you can select or change the default language by clicking in the “Language Configuration” button, located at the end of the right panel.

4. We have include the “Custom Configuration” button where you can add words that works as commands. This features replace the words with special characters, punctuation and others words.